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Scholarship Recipients  for 2017 - 2018

Alexa Ast - Fort Hays State University
Kallie Gibson - Grace University
Taylor Haddad - Penn State University
Emily Jasnoski - Pittsburg State University
Maryn Robson - Tabor College
Mitchell Taylor - Kansas State University


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Scholarship Guideline

1.  Applicants must be descents of students, faculty or staff of the former College of Emporia.

2.  Application must be postmarked by April 1.

3.  There will be a minimum of four (4) scholarships awarded each year.

4. These scholarships are for one (1) year only.  All applicants may apply each year.

5.  Each recipient of the College of Emporia Alumni Scholarship is only eligible to receive the scholarship two (2) times.

6.  The applicants will be notified before June 1 whether or not they have received a
     general scholarship from the College of Emporia Alumni.

7. If the applicant is attending Emporia State University or Sterling College, each of these
     schools also has an endowed College of Emporia Scholarship Fund to which the applicant
     may apply.  Applicants can receive a scholarship from either school plus a general scholarship
     from the C of E Alumni.

8.  If you are a recipient of a general scholarship, it will be sent directly to the business office of
     the school you are attending before August 15.  The scholarship committee must have a letter
     of acceptance, the address of the school, and your student ID number before we mail out the
     scholarship money.  As an alternative, you may elect to deposit your scholarship money in a
     "529 Educational Fund", which you must establish.

9.  These guidelines may be changed during a Board of Directors meeting, by a majority vote of
      those board members present.

10.  Scholarship recipients will receive the C of E Newsletter for one year.

Approved by the C of E Board of Directors 7/19/2014


Past Scholarship Recipients

Randal Karr 
Brett King 
Morgan Lenigan 
Michael Majors 
Andrew Roberts 
Ian Whitsitt 

Abigail Dowling
Taylor Haddad
Catherine Havens
Carrie Howland
Amanda Iglesias
Tara Richard

2014                                                                                    Jennifer Calderwood                                                            Kaleigh Cox                                                                      Anna Dowling                                                                      Mallory Howland                                                                   Maryn Robson                                                                   Zachary Robson

Jennifer Calderwood
Anna Dowling
Kendra Howland
James Mitchell
William Robson
Andrew Wilbur

Stephanie Schroeder
William Robson
Connor Twombly
Emily Crane
Olivia Coulson
Dylan Ireland
Tayton Trent

Johanna Peterson
Jerilyn Whitsitt
Chyanna Prenzler
William Bostic
Erin France
Kendra Clark

Amanda Iglesias
Connor Twombly
Chynna Walters
Madeline Wilber
Rachel Schroeder
Rachel Turner



Virginia Robinson
Chadron Patton
Joel Bland
Isaac Twombly
Rebecca Gotti
Kajsa Affolter

Scott Betsher
Carli Bowman
Cassidy Fowles
Rebecca Gotti
Cassity Mitchell
Terra Towne

Cassity Mitchell
Rebecca Sandbothe
Molly Murphy
Erin Picolet

Tim Ellis
Tyler White
Whitney Mitchell
Emily Schroeder

Joe Runkle
Kerri Courtney
Rebecca Gotti
Erin Picolet

Erin Picolet
Ryan Hanlon
Amanda Tindell
Alicia Fox